Celebration of Two Years Anniversary of BRAC ICT

In April 20th, 2012 a ICT day out event was organized to celebrate BRAC ICT’s two year anniversary. The event took place at BRAC Center for Development Management, Savar. Every member of BRAC ICT attended the day-long event. The day was filled with fun with various events for the ICT members. At the event, a number of major activities were held; friendly debate, indoor & outdoor games, open forum discussion about the future road map of BRAC ICT, best performance award in different categories.To conclude, it was a very important day for BRAC ICT because it was not only a day out but also it was an opportunity to know each other, to discover the hidden qualities & knowledge of ICT employees which will be useful for the department.

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 A friendly and productive debate was held  Debate participant
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