Soft Launch of eRecruitment: An Initiative to Thrive BRAC Forward

On April 9th, 2012, eRecruitment, an online recruitment system, was officially launched. The eRecruitment application was solely designed and developed by BRAC ICT with the consultation from BRAC HRD. This is another bright example where two departments within BRAC (BRAC ICT and BRAC HRD) jointly work together immensely to come up with such outcome. Moreover, this is yet another big milestone achieved by BRAC ICT. The event was highlighted by Muhammad A. (Rumee) Ali Managing Director, BRAC Enterprises and SN Kairy, Group CFO, BRAC and BRAC International presence as chief guests in the event.  In addition, Faruque Ahmed, Deputy Executive Director International Programmes; Kaosar Afsana, Director, BHP; Sukhendra Kumar Sarkar, Director, ARM; Rabeya Yesmin, Associate director, TUP; Nanda Kumar Saha, Associate Director of BRAC and BRAC International Audit, and many more were present in the launching ceremony.

The event was started with a speech of Md. Mehraj hamid, Associate Director, HRD. In his speech, Mr. Mehraj acknowledged that this eRecruitment launch marks as  a transformational change which is one of HR’s biggest milestones in terms of our evolution from Routine to Strategic HR.  Mr. Mehraj mentioned that through e-Recruitment, information will be received within minutes and the whole process will be paperless. Moreover, he also added that the whole recruitment process will not only become faster but also be more accurate and precise which a is primary objective of this initiative.

S N Kairy started his speech with an example that Ameena from Satkhira who earlier used to submit her resume to BRAC and waiting for the interview card from HR but now she can get instant reply from BRAC HO through sms or email services; this is the main aspect of strategic HR. He gave thanks to Mehraj Hamid for taking the initiative and also to Taifur Rahman Chowdhury, Head of BRAC ICT, for designing such software.

Muhammad A. (Rumee) Ali, chief guest of the event said that recruitment is a sensitive issue. Therefore, there was a need for a good solution approach not only for strategic HR but also for recruitment transparency. Mr. Rumee Ali also added that it is certainly one of the best ways to serve one of our BRAC values, inclusiveness.  At the end of his speech, he congratulated both BRAC HRD and BRAC ICT for doing this.

Taifur Rahman Chowdhury gave a presentation covering BRAC Technology Framework, and integrated approach method using eRecuitment. In addition, Mr. Taifur described  the key features of eRecruitment, such as registration, CV bank, dashboard, job status, job creation, CV scrutiny, multi tagging, background checking, electronic interview card, SMS and email notification, OMR Integration (Exam score processing) etc. Finally a live demo of eRecruitment was shown to the audiences. The event ended with a fruitful FAQ session.

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