DC Inauguration Ceremony

dcinauguration2BRAC ICT officially inaugurated its new Data Centre (DC) and Mid-Range Coverage (MRC) centre at 3rd floor. The project has been completed successfully with the help of BRAC Construction and Maintenance Team, Techvalley Solutions Ltd. and a group of ICT core engineers.The data center was officially inaugurated on July 25th,2011 at 4pm by Dr. Mahabub Hossain, Executive Director of BRAC who was present as a chief guest for the event. Taifur R. Chowdhury, Head of ICT of BRAC, accompanied him during this entire event to provide brief orientation of the DC and 3rd floor MRC room. In addition to ED, Najmul Hossain, Director of PEMS; Dr. Babar Kabir, Director of WASH & DECC; Dr. Safiqul Islam, Director of BEP; Moushumi Khan, Director of Legal and Compliance; Dr. W.M.H. Jaim, Director of RED; A.I.M Monsoor, Associate Director of Construction; Mehraj Hamid, Associate Director of HRD; Abdur Rahman, Deputy Program Coordinator, BLD; M.A.Quddus Fakir, Senior Engineer, Construction; and many more were present during this open door invitation ceremony. With this new Data Centre, BRAC will be able to rely on industry standard network backbone infrastructure for years to come.


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