eDine (Electronic Dining System) is designed to provide real-time cost saving dining experience for BRAC employees. This project was launched under PEMS’ guidance and sponsor. eDine promised to deliver faster and convenient way of obtaining lunch tokens, schedule meal plans, financial transactions, improve employee wait time for lunch, easy and quicker access to dining, and comprehensive reporting features for relevant stakeholders.


iCRESS (Integrated Collaboration and Rapid Emergency Support Services) a very sophisticated and real-time application which designed to address comprehensive collaboration effort across various BRAC programs. iCRESS provides wide range of services to connect different end points of BRAC operations. This is the biggest project ever BRAC ICT took under its wing and delivers a lot promises for BRAC.  By using iCRESS, BRAC’s different programs can receive updates, monitor and track, communicate, advise all real time which give BRAC unprecedented advantages over other organizations.

Resource Optimizer

Resource Optimizer is a comprehensive web based solution towards managing four basic resources of a training institute having multiple distributed training centers. The resources are:
(a) Trainers
(b) Training centers
(c) Faculties, course materials, and training
(d) Participants
Resource Optimizer opens up all these resources to the stakeholders to be managed in a matrix manner to achieve ultimate optimization and better utilization of the resources.The application offers effective assistance to the management by providing various kinds of analytical, performance reports. The application supports multiple distributed remote learning centers with a consolidation system in head quarter and works in the manner of planning and realization and analyzes the gap between.


BRAC ICT is developing web based BRAC Internal Audit Management System (BIAMS) to increase the efficiency and productivity of the audit process including risk assessment, planning, scheduling, preparing and reviewing reports, tracking issues and administration of the process. The internal audit process has always relied on manual, paper processes with an auditor spending many long hours preparing and reviewing the reports. The focus has now shifted to software which provides a paperless audit system that can reduce the time and costs associated with the internal audit process.


BRAC ICT is developing an enterprise level accounting system, eAccounts, for entire BRAC financial operations. This will allow BRAC HO and remote offices to exchange financial data at real-time. BCDM and BLC will be able to perform standard accounting practices with tied to BRAC HO, hence, introduces transperency, data sharing, quick reports consolidation, inventory maintenance, etc. This going to be a web based application which will allow to access to information virtually from anywhere and any location.


Estate Management System (EMS) facilitates the Estate Department with high manageability and flexibility over significant amount of land information. It offers dynamic query, data drilling facility and manages land registers, litigation management.


Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is a web based staff profile repository system with an excellent set of management features. EDMS made staff’s personal file available on the web with very strict security measures. EDMS has optimized time and effort of the management group in accessing their staff’s profile to a great extent by allowing the users accessing their staff’s profile with just a few clicks.  It has replaced 2000 sq. ft. of HO floor space with just 1 sq. ft. of a computer, thus it achieved a huge amount of floor space optimized. EDMS has been treated as a reference point of verification which proves its efficiency.


e-Asset is a web based Fixed Asset Management system which will help for evaluation, acquisition, operation, maintenance, and valuation of all types fixed assets. Through this system tracking a fixed capital asset like extensive amount of real estate or capital equipment of BRAC will be very simple.


eRecruitment is an online job portal for BRAC. BRAC ICT developed this application with latest technology to facilitate recruitment process for BRAC. Through this new online system, people can view jobs, submit CVs,get job related notifications from anywhere & any time.This new system enables HR to process recruitment activities in automated way per policy.


Integrated Fleet Management System is a web based automation system for BRAC Transport department. This new system will allow most of transport/fleet related activities such as vehicle requisitions, log book entry, staff’s pick and drop process, SMS, vehicle, driver, fuel information and many more effective features. GPS based vehicle track system also is include in next phase of iFleet.